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Year round service

Whatever the weather!

Spring Service

Left dormant over the winter months your system may become susceptible to a fair amount of minor damage, most often from harsh winter weather or wildlife and with a certain element of garden maintenance, bed turning, clearence and pruning etc. Our spring service comprises of a complete system overhaul to ensure a fully working irrigation system.


A simple winterisation or 'drain down' of your system can help prevent damage to the most integral and mechanical parts within. Although you can never guarantee the life of a pump you can help towards the longevity, as with valves, pressure tanks, taps etc and various other integral equipment.

General Maintenance

Argo Irrigation specialises in all types of automated and manual garden irrigation systems and is skilled in the professional design, installation and maintenance of bespoke irrigation systems.
We also carry out external plumbing work for garden taps or repairs to outside pipe runs and much more.

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Summer: Naturally ‘the’ most important time of the year for your irrigation sytem. You need to know that all elements are working as they should to give you the peace of mind that you garden is being fully watered during the dry season. If not during a holiday then whilst you should be relaxing in the garden and not spending hours with a hose pipe watering your beloved and precious plants.

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